Bohle Machine Tools, Inc. would like to introduce Famar Srl to everyone.  We represent Famar S.r.L  in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  They are located in Torino, Italy and their website is .

We are proud and excited to introduce Famar, a world class manufacturer of stand-alone machines to integrated production lines for all of your machining needs.  Famar has a broad range of machines covering a large number of production operations.  Choosing the right machine for your job can be done easily, either by product family or by your type of application.

Famar can engineer tools, which can machine any kind of round mechanical part that you may have.  They continue to strive and do more for their customers including developing systems for machining parts for gearboxes and cylinder heads.  They want to be your “Supplier of Choice” for complete production lines.